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Virginia Golding

Accredited Mental Health Social Worker

BSc (psych), Diploma Family Therapy, Masters (Social Work)


Virginia is an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker/Psychotherapist and has over 20 years experience as therapist and consultant working with individuals, couples and adolescents. Virginia feels strongly that in order for clients to gain the most from counselling, it is essential to have a safe and compassionate space to express themselves and work though their personal challenges, while also finding ways to enjoy the experience of personal growth and change that occurs in therapy, which can be both painful at times and challenging.

Virginia creates a space that is warm, non-judgemental and welcoming. She is passionate and committed to supporting clients to develop helpful strategies, skills and tools which they can then take away from sessions and bring into their lives to create the positive changes they want. Virginia understands that often our early childhood, family and other life experiences are sometimes very difficult and painful and can shape how we feel about ourselves and the world. Virginia is skilled in helping clients to heal those parts of themselves that have often been hurt by life and relationships, so that they can go on to lead more fulfilling and rewarding lives. Virginia’s therapeutic approach also focusses on supporting clients to develop skills in self-reflection and greater self-awareness so that they are better equipped to deal with these issues on their own and leave the sessions feeling more empowered.

Virginia has expertise in a number of different therapeutic methods and approaches such as CBT, EMDR, Emotion Focussed Therapy, Interpersonal Therapy, Family Systems therapy, Positive Psychology, ACT and Trauma Focussed CBT. Virginia is also passionate about, and has extensive training in meditation and mindfulness based approaches.



  • Registered with Australian Association of Social Worker (AASW)

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